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About Asanga Yoga

Asanga Yoga is a traditional yoga philosophy school, which combines science and spirituality. Its teachings are based on the original ancient philosophical texts and in the same time on modern scientific research in Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Mindfulness etc.

Asanga Yoga embraces both inner and outer realities. It takes care of your body and your mind. Your physical fitness and your mindset. And guides you on an inner journey to rediscover harmony within and create a future you wish for.

The practice of Asanga Yoga enhances self-knowledge, physical strength and flexibility, mental and emotional clarity, balance, peace and wellbeing.


»She is intensely passionate
that everyone should
experience unconditional
love within their own hearts.«

Viktoria‘s Indian teacher
Rishi Sudhir


Philosophy teaches you Self-Knowledge and Logic with the purpose of understanding your emotions, desires and the World around you

Yoga and Meditation

The physical, mental and emotional aspects must be in harmony. Yoga trains your body and meditation trains your mind. We use Neuro-Feedback devices - EEG

Sound Healing

Quantum Physics proves that all is an energy. Optimal frequency for your body is 7,83 Hz. Gong Meditation brings your body to that vibration so it heals itself


The best way to predict your future is to create it! Take time for yourself... Create the life you want first ... in your mind and then... manifest it in the World